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¡Hola! from Kulture Koffee   ____________________________________________________________

¡Café Para La Cultura!

Thank you for accepting this sample box! You will find some regular single origin, CBD infused and Delta-8 (D8) infused coffee. A little background on Kulture Koffee, it officially launch on October 15, 2021. Its founder Lariza McBean-Martinez, who migrated to the United States from Panama with her family in the 90’s, developed Kulture Koffee for her immense love of coffee. Lariza’s daily coffee, with her grandparents growing up in Panama and in America, provided her with her greatest memories, love and passion for coffee and life. She currently works in healthcare and in innovations; in which, the concept of infusing hemp and the way it is processed in the coffee was developed and introduced. Kulture Koffee offers low acidic regular single origin coffee from all cultures for everyone’s roasting pleasure.

                             OUR COFFEE

All our coffee is roasted in small batches and is roasted per order, offering the ultimate freshness. We roast only the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans that are Kosher and Organic. This allows us to provide you with the best single origin coffee. Through utilizing small-batch roasting, our master roaster has much greater control over the bean’s final flavor, in which they achieve a consistently good result. In addition, through adding the coffee beans through an additional process to provide low acidic coffee to our customers. We offer 12oz bag single origin and flavored (per request) coffee or whole bean/grounded coffee at a minimum order of 5lbs.


The Hemp utilized to infuse our beans are Nano grade, USA grown and organic. CBD is a popular oil extracted from industrial hemp. CBD utilizes CBD isolate and full spectrum that cause the entourage. CBD participates in the fast paced wellness movement currently evolving.  DELTA-8 (D8): is a federally legal hemp-derived extract, Delta-8 has less than .003 THC and provides a subtle high and the relaxing effects and other health benefits.

We offer more CBD, CBD full spectrum and Delta-8 at the lowest price point per ounce and in a 12oz bag than other competitors. 

  • 1000mg of CBD in a 12oz bag

  • 1000mg of CBD full spectrum in a 12oz bag 

  • 1000mg of D8 in a 12oz bag

  • 750mg of D8 in a 12oz bag

or bulk order requests at a 3,6,9 and 12 pound ratio request.


Key points: 

  • We can provide you with any type single origin or flavored hemp infused coffee on demand

  • Average coffee shop price for one cup of CBD coffee is $6.50.

  • Average coffee shop price for one cup of Delta-8 coffee is $8.00

  • You are able to profit at least $5-6 dollars per cup 

  • We can provide coffee booster tinctures that are 500mg-1000mg as additives, that you can advertise as coffee Boosters at an additional charge to customers for:

    • CBD Boosters $1-2 a droplet

    • Delta-8 Boosters $3-4 a droplet

  • If you select to become a seller of our regular coffee or hemp infused coffee here is what you can expect:

    • $5-6 profit from our regular coffee bags

    • $20-30 profit from our hemp infused coffee bags

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